‘I am Cloudy’
A beautiful and heartwarming tale that will
give lots of smiles and will inspire many
around the world!

Dear Reader,

I am so pleased to share that my first children’s book will be published in June of 2023. 

‘I am Cloudy’ is a book for absolutely anyone who has ever felt ‘different’. Whether you are a parent, a child, or you just love Cloudy, I invite you to join Cloudy on a delightful journey of discovery and self-acceptance as he learns (with a little help from his new friends) to embrace the very things that set him apart. 

I so enjoyed writing this book, together with Cloudy, and I hope you will love it, too. 

❤️ Irene 

Doesn’t he want to play with us?’ Jessie asks.
‘I don’t look normal,’ Cloudy says softly.

Cloudy knows he does not look like other dogs.  Injured and abandoned, he longs for friendship but is afraid to be seen. With the encouragement of a trio of adventurers he meets (all with differences of their own), Cloudy learns that friendship doesn’t rely on appearances and it is oftentimes the very thing that sets us apart that makes us truly special.

Meet the Characters

Cloudy, Belle, Stefan & Jessie


A true adventurer


A wise soul


A brave heart


A happy explorer

Reader’s Thoughts

These dogs brighten up the lives of thousands every day.

Emily L.

Cloudy’s passion for life, love, hope, and magic is a never-ending story.

Dan R.

With Cloudy you just feel the magic of how beautiful life truly is.

Susan G.

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