Meet the Characters


Abandoned and injured on the streets of Spain, Cloudy has every reason to feel insecure. Instead, he blossoms into a curious, strong boy with a zest for life! His whimsical ways and crooked nose have captured hearts around the world.


Stefan was found paralyzed in a deserted factory in Serbia. Now, nothing holds him back! Stefan’s wheels give him super speed and the freedom to explore the world. There is nothing he loves more than a great adventure.


After twelve long years in a puppy mill, Belle gains her freedom and a family. With their help and her own incredible resilience, she overcomes challenges and learns to embrace life and love with strength, sensitivity and wisdom.


An automobile accident broke Jessie’s back but it didn’t break her spirit. Jessie radiates joy! She is the happiest girl in the world and can always be found searching for buried treasures everywhere; a true digging queen!